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Dyna Vink Awarded Distinguished Service Award by IABC

The International Association of Business Communicators has awarded Dyna Vink the Distinguished Service Award in acknowledgement of the contribution she has made to the local and international community. Dyna Co-Chaired the National Programs Committee responsible for the Silver Leaf Award program, served on the National Executive and conducted numerous award judging sessions. She also served as a mentor to up and coming communications leaders. 

Communicators at the Crossroad with Science and New Technology

Dyna Vink has been invited to speak at the IABC World Conference in Montreal, Canada on the topic of "Communicators at the Crossroad with Science and New Technology". What if communicators had the capability to influence stakeholder judgment and behavior? There is new technology that provides a bridge for communication professionals to the latest advances in decision science that is based on a solid foundation of research. This session will explore that bridge and the many positive implications for communicators worldwide, their employers and clients. Using this approach, we can build our competency to delve into people’s worldview to understand how a specific challenge is being perceived. If we can learn what the unmet information needs are, without bias or assumption, we can fill those gaps and share ideas without misinterpretation. 

Speaking at the Society for Risk Analysis Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, June 19, 2017

Dyna Vink was invited to present on the topic "Mental Modeling Technology PlatformTM for integrated risk management and risk communication". The Platform is a new evidence-based technology to support strategic decision making. Its story culminates a quarter century saga of one company whose business was translating the basic research in the behavioral sciences – including that of cognitive scientists Kahneman and Tversky - into practical methods and tools, and “interventions” that could be used in organizations of all kinds to address complex issues rooted in challenges of understanding and addressing human judgment, decision making and behavior. 

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